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U profile glass U channel glass– The blend of aesthetics and utility
The choice of glass for the building facade or office partition should not be taken for granted. You should always explore your options to end up with the picture-perfect one. If this is what you are doing right now, our U profile glass is worth having a glance at.
Not only does it look appealing, but this type of U profile glass/U channel glass also boasts many properties that make it suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Other Advantages

• increased strength as compared to ordinary glass
• great light diffusion
• excellent acoustic insulation
• heat preservation
• noise protection
When it comes to aesthetics, U profile glass/U channel glass can add an amazing frosting effect to your interior design. They can be etched or sandblasted to achieve the needed opaqueness level and luxe appearance.
Opt for custom designs of U profile glass/U channel glass for glass facades/curtain walls, indoor partitions, or anything else
If you want some specific texture or frosted effect, Yongyu Glass can help. We are ready to fulfill custom orders for our products to complete your room dividers or glass walls with U profile glass/U channel glass. In addition to being eco-friendly, they are your most-effective option (even if you are looking for tailor-made designs).
Decide on what glass stands out to you and let Yongyu Glass supply you with it!


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