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    Yongyu Glass answers the challenges of today’s architects supplying JUMBO / OVER-SIZED monolithic tempered, laminated, insulated glass (dual & triple glazed) and low-e coated glass up to 15 meters (depending on the glass composition).  Whether your need is for project specific, processed glass or bulk float glass, we offer worldwide delivery at incredibly competitive prices.

    Jumbo/Oversized safety glass Specifications

    1) Flat tempered glass single panel/Flat tempered insulated glass
    Max length: 15 meters
    Max width: 3.3 meters

    2) Flat tempered laminated glass
    Max length: 13 meters
    Max width: 3 meters

    3) Curved tempered glass/Curved tempered laminated glass/Curved tempered insulated glass unit
    Max length: 12.5 meters
    Max arc length: 2.40 meters
    Min Radius: 12500mm

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