Shower room safety glass

  • Clear/Low Iron Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Clear/Low Iron Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Basic info Let’s face it, a shower door is not just a shower door, it’s a stylistic choice that sets the tone for the look and feel of your entire bathroom. It’s the single largest item in your bathroom and the item that attracts the most attention. Not only that, but it also has to function properly as well. (We’ll talk about that in a minute.) Here at Yongyu Glass, we know what kind of an impact a shower door or tub enclose can make. We also know that choosing the right style, texture, and ...
  • Shower Room Safety Glass

    Shower Room Safety Glass

    Basic Info Smart tempered shower glass: Control your privacy easier From now on, all it takes is the flick of a switch to make your transparent shower doors opaque. The smart glass technology is incorporated into our products to help you change their appearance on demand. Whether you want to hide from prying eyes or make more light get in, you only need to press that button. With our tempered glass for shower walls and doors, your privacy is always protected! Are you looking for glass to comp...
  • Smart glass(Light control glass)

    Smart glass(Light control glass)

    Smart glass, also called light control glass, switchable glass or privacy glass, is helping to define the architectural, automotive, interior, and product design industries.
    Thickness: Per order
    Common Sizes: Per order
    Keywords: Per order
    MOQ: 1pcs
    Application: Partition, shower room, balcony, windows etc
    Delivery Time: two weeks
  • Smart glass / PDLC glass

    Smart glass / PDLC glass

    Smart glass, also called Switchable Privacy Glass, is such a versatile solution. There are two kinds of smart glass, one is controlled by electronic, another one is controlled by solar.
  • Tinted/Frosted Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Tinted/Frosted Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Basic info Tinted Tempered Glass Whether selecting tinted glass for windows, shelves, or tabletops, the use of tempered glass is always an option. This glass is sturdy and less likely to shatter upon impact. Glass appears the same as traditional panes, making it a great selection for those who wish for a bit of security without altering the appearance of a pane in the process. Take a look at Yongyu Glass’ wide selection of thicknesses and color tint options to get started in picking out the p...