What is U profile glass/ U channel glass?

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What is U profile glass/ U channel glass?

U profile glass/ U channel glass is a translucent U-shaped glass produced in several widths ranging from 9″ to 19″, lengths up to 23 feet, and 1.5″ (for interior use) or 2.5″ (for exterior use) flanges. The flanges make the three-dimensional glass self-supporting, allowing it to create long uninterrupted spans of glass with minimal framing elements – ideal for daylighting applications.

U profile glass/ U channel glass is relatively easy to install. Any competent commercial glazier with curtainwall or storefront installation experience can handle the channel glass installation. No specialized training is required. Cranes are often not required, as the individual glass channels are lightweight. Channel glass can be glazed on-site or pre-assembled at the glazier’s shop using unique unitized channel glass systems.

LABER U profile glass/ U channel glass is available in several light-diffusing decorative surface textures, hundreds of translucent or opaque ceramic frit colors, as well as a range of thermal performance coatings.

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U profile glass/ U channel glass Manufacture:

U profile glass/ U channel glass is first Produced in Europe’s first oxygen-fired glass melting furnace, Our LABER U profile glass/U channel glass is the world’s most environmentally-friendly cast glass made in China today, meting by the electric fire. Its basic ingredients are low iron sand, limestone, soda ash, and carefully recycled pre-and post-consumer glass. The mix is combined in the sophisticated oxygen-fired melting furnace and emerges from the furnace as a ribbon of molten glass. It is then drawn over a series of steel rollers and formed into a U-shape. As the resulting U-glass ribbon is cooled and hardened, it creates a continuous glass channel of the specified dimensions and surface finish. The endless ribbon of channel glass is carefully annealed (control-cooled) and cut to the desired lengths, prior to final processing and shipping.



Double-glazed facades using LABER U profile glass/U channel glass have a demonstrably lower carbon footprint than most traditional curtain walls. This exceptional CO2 performance is due to the manufacturer’s decades-long commitment to eco-innovation. It includes the use of electricity to fire the glass-melting furnace, as well as the implementation of 100% renewable electricity throughout the factory. LABER high-performance wall systems’ channel U profile glass/U channel glass is produced according to the EU quality standard EN 752.7(Annealed) and EN15683, ANSI Z97.1-2015, CPSC 16 CFR 1201 (Tempered).


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