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Yongyu Glass, the vendor member of the U.S. Ice Rink Association, has exported SGCC approve 1/2” and 5/8” tempered glass products to the ice rink industry in the USA since 2009. We export high-quality and reasonably priced tempered glass products to our customers and share the profits from the trade. 

Other Advantages

The tempered ice rink glass system is wildly used to protect the audience behind it. Tempered ice rink glass systems serve several purposes, including:

1) Protecting spectators from line-drive pucks flying at them, which can cause severe if not fatal injuries, not to mention protecting arena owners from lawsuits that result from injuries;
2) Ensuring that the game is uninterrupted by keeping the puck within the rink and in play;
Protecting both players and fans from each other and preventing physical altercations between them during highly-emotional games; and
3) Insulating the arena by keeping the cold air in the rink (especially useful during flooding and set-up).

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