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Smart tempered shower glass: Control your privacy easier
From now on, all it takes is the flick of a switch to make your transparent shower doors opaque. The smart glass technology is incorporated into our products to help you change their appearance on demand. Whether you want to hide from prying eyes or make more light get in, you only need to press that button. With our tempered glass for shower walls and doors, your privacy is always protected!

Are you looking for glass to complement your interior design features? Then grab it right here. We’ll be happy to provide you with tinted tempered glass with the desired glazing option. Do you want it in some unique shape? We can do this for you, too.

Other applications of tinted tempered glass
Another noteworthy feature of this smart technology is that it has almost no limits to how it can be applied. You can go for a no-light-blocking PDLC option for your tempered glass shower doors or an SPD one for windows, studios, etc. Unlike its counterpart, the latter produces a shaded effect, preventing light from getting in. That is why it can be reliably used when sun exposure is not desired.

Either way, the most outstanding safety glass products are all here!

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