Low Iron U Profile Glass/U Channel Glass Power Generation System

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Low iron U profile glass power generation glass building materials (UBIPV) combine the advantages of U profile building glass and solar power generation system to promote green environmental protection and energy-saving and emission reduction. UBIPV and the city can be harmoniously combined to make photovoltaic a part of human life. Not only is it a building material, but it can also achieve energy-saving and energy-generating purposes, and it can also be organically combined with LED curtain walls, electrochromic glass, and intelligent control systems. To realize the green value-added and high value-added of buildings and improve the overall quality of buildings, UBIPV is the development direction of green buildings in the future.

U profile power generation glass building materials (UBIPV) can be assembled or modularized, which effectively reduces the structural parts installed in buildings and solar power generation systems, reduces material costs and labor maintenance costs, and improves the practicality and comprehensive use-value of buildings.

 (UBIPV) physical properties

Mechanical strength: 700-900N/mm2; after tempering>1800 N/mm2;

Mohs hardness: 6-7

Modulus of elasticity: 6000-7000 N/mm2;

Linear expansion coefficient (temperature rise 1 degree Celsius): 75-85×10-7;

Chemical stability: 0.18mg;

Transmittance: ordinary fine-grained installation, super white single row 91%; double row installation 80%;

Heat transfer coefficient: single-row installation <4.9 W/㎡·K, double-row installation <2.35 W/㎡·K, double-layer installation after lamination <2 W/㎡·K;

Sound insulation capacity: single row installation reduced by 27db; double row installation reduced by 38db; laminated double row installation reduced by more than 40db;

Fire resistance limit: 0.75h;

Application Range

U profile power generation glass building materials can be widely used in building roofs, building outer wall sound insulation walls, smart highways, profiled roofs, smart shelters, smart parking lots, agricultural sheds, villa roofs, house walls, and sunrooms;

(UBIPV) Features

1) High strength, the product has high structural strength and material strength, can withstand more than 100Kg/m2, is not easy to deform, and is resistant to snow pressure and hail. Similar to the channel steel structure, it is resistant to wind pressure and avoids cell cracking.

2) No frame, no PID defects. The R-angle design of the glass prevents the light from being blocked by the traditional frame, improves the photovoltaic voltage in the morning and evening, and prolongs the working time of the inverter.

3) Can be trampled, no need to patrol the channel. The installation of traditional solar power generation system needs to reserve inspection and maintenance channels. U-shaped power generation glass building materials can be directly stepped on for installation and maintenance, which increases the installed capacity per unit area by 50% compared with the traditional space layout.

4) Structure waterproof. The original structural waterproofing further reduces the maintenance cost and does not require large-scale disassembly and maintenance. After-sales maintenance is simple and fast.

5) With its own reinforced rib structure, no steel structure bracket is needed, saving labor and materials. The overall cost is comparable to traditional glass curtain walls.

6) The return on investment is high and the room for creation is large. U-shaped power-generating glass building materials can be directly used as external protective buildings, such as roofs, insulation layers and external walls. One-time investment, income from power generation over 30 years.

7) Self-cleaning. With advanced self-cleaning technology, it can automatically remove dust for up to ten years, reducing daily maintenance costs.

8) Stable quality and long shelf life. The system has a 5-year warranty and the components have a 10-year warranty. Guarantee 90% rated power within 10 years and 80% rated power within 25 years.

9) Remote monitoring. Master the working situation of the solar power system in real time.

10) Own lamination mold, high production efficiency.


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