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Minimizing danger with tempered and laminated safety glass
Safety glass from Yongyu Glass comes with a chunk of additional features to protect you from threats should some mishap occur. Our products are strengthened from the inside to increase their durability and prevent them from falling to pieces if accidentally shattered. With the high-performance glazing material, our safety laminated glass is hard to break and can withstand the load where standard options fail.

In this product range, you are provided with plenty of options to browse. Generally, they are available as tempered and laminated glass. The former has undergone special heating and cooling procedures to boost its strength, whereas the latter is sandwiched with a PVB interlayer for optimal performance.

Laminated and tempered glass for partition walls, fences, and more
As all our products offer extra impact resistance packed with UV light protection, they can be used for curtain walls, auto windshields, display windows, office dividers, etc. Besides that, you can turn to us for SGCC-approved and fireproof glass if your intended applications involve the risks of this kind.

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You can also buy laminated safety glass to reduce outside noise. This makes it suitable for not only commercial but residential uses, bringing comfort to your living. Explore available products and choose your best fit from Yongyu Glass!


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