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Made-to-perfection glass curtain walls and facades
What do you see when you step out and look around? High-rise buildings! They are scattered everywhere, and there’s something breathtaking about them. Their astonishing appearance is beefed up with curtain glass walls that add a sophisticated touch to their contemporary look. This is what we, at Yongyu Glass, strive to provide in every single piece of our products.

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Our glass facades and curtain walls come in a plethora of sizes and thickness options. They minimize sway and make your living or working experience more comfortable by blocking the way for the elements. Plus, they ensure outstanding thermal efficiency, helping you save on building operating costs.
Order your glass facades – We’ll deliver them in a jiffy.
Is it some jumbo size that you would like to get? Or do you need it curved to match the bend of your desired application? What makes us the glass facade manufacturer of choice is that we can provide the right fit for every project. Browse this selection for more details on textures, shapes, coating types, etc.
Hit us up then to discuss your project details and get a quote. We assure you that your glass curtain system will be there in a matter of weeks!

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