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  • Jumbo/Oversized Safety Glass

    Jumbo/Oversized Safety Glass

    Basic Info Yongyu Glass answers the challenges of today’s architects supplying JUMBO / OVER-SIZED monolithic tempered, laminated, insulated glass (dual & triple glazed) and low-e coated glass up to 15 meters (depending on the glass composition).  Whether your need is for project specific, processed glass or bulk float glass, we offer worldwide delivery at incredibly competitive prices. Jumbo/Oversized safety glass Specifications 1) Flat tempered glass single panel/Flat tempered insulated ...
  • CE certificate of tempered U glass

    CE certificate of tempered U glass

    Our Tempered U profile glass/U channel glass products meets the applicable requirements concerning § 8, Fragmentation and § 9.4, Mechanical strength as stated in the European standard EN 15683-1 [1] when tested according to EN 15683-1 [1] and EN 1288-4 [2].
  • Electrochromic Glass

    Electrochromic Glass

    Electrochromic glass (a.k.a. smart glass or dynamic glass) is an electronically tintable glass used for windows, skylights, facades, and curtain walls. Electrochromic glass, which can be directly controlled by building occupants, is famous for improving occupant comfort, maximizing access to daylight and outdoor views, reducing energy costs, and providing architects with more design freedom.
  • Main Products and Specification

    Main Products and Specification

    Mainly we are good at:
    1) Safety U channel glass
    2) Curved tempered glass and curved laminated glass;
    3) Jumbo size safety glass
    4) Bronze, light grey, dark grey tinted tempered glass
    5) 12/15/19mm thick tempered glass, clear or ultra-clear
    6) High-performance PDLC/SPD smart glass
    7) Dupont authorized SGP laminated glass
  • What is U profile glass/ U channel glass?

    What is U profile glass/ U channel glass?

    What is U profile glass/ U channel glass? U profile glass/ U channel glass is a translucent U-shaped glass produced in several widths ranging from 9″ to 19″, lengths up to 23 feet, and 1.5″ (for interior use) or 2.5″ (for exterior use) flanges. The flanges make the three-dimensional glass self-supporting, allowing it to create long uninterrupted spans of glass with minimal framing elements – ideal for daylighting applications. U profile glass/ U channel glass is relatively easy to install. An...
  • Curved Safety Glass/Bent Safety Glass

    Curved Safety Glass/Bent Safety Glass

    Basic Info Whether your Bent, Bent Laminated or Bent Insulated Glass is for Safety, Security, Acoustics or Thermal Performance, we provide Top Quality Products & Customer Service. Curved tempered glass/Bent tempered glass Available in many sizes, shapes, and colors Radiuses up to 180 degrees, multiple radii, min R800mm, max arc length 3660mm, max height 12 meters Clear, tinted bronze, gray, green or blue glasses Curved laminated glass/Bent laminated glass Available in a variety of c...
  • Tinted & Ceramic Frit & Frosted-Low-E  U Profile Glass/U Channel Glass

    Tinted & Ceramic Frit & Frosted-Low-E U Profile Glass/U Channel Glass

    Basic Info Tinted U profile glass is colored glass which reduces both visual and radiant transmittances. Tinted glass almost always requires heat treatment to reduce potential thermal stress and breakage and tends to re-radiate the absorbed heat. Our tinted U profile glass products come in a range of colors and are sorted by light transmission. It is recommended that you order actual glass samples for true color representation. Colored ceramic frits are fired at 650 degrees Celsius onto the b...
  • Safety Glass Railings/Glass Pool Fences

    Safety Glass Railings/Glass Pool Fences

    Basic info Keep the view from your deck and pool clear and uninterrupted with a Glass Railing system. Full glass panel railings/pool fence to tempered glass balusters, indoors or outside, installing a glass deck railing system is a sure-fire way to gain attention and bring your deck railing/pool fences ideas to life. Features 1) High Aesthetic Appeal Glass railings offer a contemporary look and trump any other deck railing system used today. For many people, the glass deck handrails are consi...
  • Laminated Glass

    Laminated Glass

    Basic Info Laminated glass is formed as a sandwich of 2 sheets or more float glass, between which is bonded together with a tough and thermoplastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure  and pull out the air,and then put it into the high-pressure steam kettle taking advantage of high temperature and high pressure to melt a remaining small amount of air into the coating Specification Flat laminated glass Max. size:3000mm×1300mm Curved laminated glass Curved tempered lami...
  • Shower Room Safety Glass

    Shower Room Safety Glass

    Basic Info Smart tempered shower glass: Control your privacy easier From now on, all it takes is the flick of a switch to make your transparent shower doors opaque. The smart glass technology is incorporated into our products to help you change their appearance on demand. Whether you want to hide from prying eyes or make more light get in, you only need to press that button. With our tempered glass for shower walls and doors, your privacy is always protected! Are you looking for glass to comp...
  • Clear/Low Iron Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Clear/Low Iron Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Basic info Let’s face it, a shower door is not just a shower door, it’s a stylistic choice that sets the tone for the look and feel of your entire bathroom. It’s the single largest item in your bathroom and the item that attracts the most attention. Not only that, but it also has to function properly as well. (We’ll talk about that in a minute.) Here at Yongyu Glass, we know what kind of an impact a shower door or tub enclose can make. We also know that choosing the right style, texture, and ...
  • Smart glass(Light control glass)

    Smart glass(Light control glass)

    Smart glass, also called light control glass, switchable glass or privacy glass, is helping to define the architectural, automotive, interior, and product design industries.
    Thickness: Per order
    Common Sizes: Per order
    Keywords: Per order
    MOQ: 1pcs
    Application: Partition, shower room, balcony, windows etc
    Delivery Time: two weeks
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