• Tinted/Frosted Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Tinted/Frosted Tempered Glass For Shower Room

    Basic info Tinted Tempered Glass Whether selecting tinted glass for windows, shelves, or tabletops, the use of tempered glass is always an option. This glass is sturdy and less likely to shatter upon impact. Glass appears the same as traditional panes, making it a great selection for those who wish for a bit of security without altering the appearance of a pane in the process. Take a look at Yongyu Glass’ wide selection of thicknesses and color tint options to get started in picking out the p...
  • Safety Glass Railings & Fences

    Safety Glass Railings & Fences

    Basic Info Minimizing danger with tempered and laminated safety glass Safety glass from Yongyu Glass comes with a chunk of additional features to protect you from threats should some mishap occur. Our products are strengthened from the inside to increase their durability and prevent them from falling to pieces if accidentally shattered. With the high-performance glazing material, our safety laminated glass is hard to break and can withstand the load where standard options fail. In this produc...