Low-E coated U profile glass

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The Low-E coating layer has the characteristics of high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid-and far-infrared rays.

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Low-E coated U glass

The Low-E coating layer has the characteristics of high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid-and far-infrared rays. It can reduce the heat entering the room in summer and increase the insulation rate in winter to reduce heat loss, thereby reducing air-conditioning operating costs.


Daylighting: Diffuses light & minimizes glare, provide natural light without the loss of privacy
Great Spans: Glass walls of limitless distances horizontally & heights up to eight meters
Elegance: Glass-to-glass corners & serpentine curves provide soft, even light distribution
Versatility: From facades to interior partitions to lighting
Thermal Performance: U-Value range = 0.49 to 0.19 (minimal heat transfer)
Acoustic Performance: reaches a sound reduction rating of STC 43 (better than 4.5″ batt-insulated stud wall)
Seamless: No vertical metal supports required
Lightweight: 7mm or 8mm thick channel glass is easy to design with and handle
Bird-Friendly: Tested, ABC threat factor 25


Strength一Fitted with longitudinal wire reinforcement, the annealed glass is 10 times stronger than normal flat glass of the same thickness.
Translucency一With a high light-diffusing patterned surface, U profiled glass minimizes the reflection whilst allows the
light to pass through. The privacy within the glass curtain wall is ensured.
Appearance一The line-shaped appearance without metal frames is of simple and modern style; it allows the construction of curved walls.
Cost-Performance一The installation has been minimized and no extra decorations/processing is required. It provides rapid and easy maintenance and replacement.

Technical Support



The specification of U glass is measured by its width, flange (flange) height, glass thickness, and design length.

Tolerance (mm)
b ±2
d ±0.2
h ±1
Cutting length ±3
Flange perpendicularity tolerance <1
Standard: Acording to EN 527-7


The maximum production length of U glass 

varies with its width and thickness. The maximum length that can be produced for U glass of various standard sizes is like follow sheet shows:


Textures of U glass



Interior and exterior walls, partition walls, roofs and windows of the building.

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