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  • U Glass factory video

    U glass manufacture from China. Export department of Laber U glass. We mainly supply U profile glass with textures of pear/Ice, thin strips, wide strips, wave, wired, etc The main thickness of U glass: 7mm, 8mm The width of U glass: 262mm, 331mm, max 500mm The main heigh...
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  • VRshow-U profile glass projects

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  • Surpport documents of Samrt glass

    Support data of Smart Glass system   1. Technical data of smart glass (Similar to your sizes)                                                      1.1 Thickness: 13.52mm, 6mm Low iron T/P+1.52+6mm Low iron T/P 1.2 Sizes and structure could be ordered per your design 1.3 ...
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  • RFQ: Treatments and special U profile glass

    What is sandblasted glass? Sandblasted glass is produced by bombarding the glass surface with small hard particles to create a frosted aesthetic. Sandblasting can weaken the glass and creates a feeling prone to permanent staining. Maintenance-friendly etched glass has re...
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  • How to install U glass-indoor partition

    How to install U glass for your projects? Please check the following video to get an idea! Project name: Laber glass Jinan branch office Project Location: Jinan, Shandong Glass details: Low iron U profile glass, 7mmX262X60mm, Tempered, Sandblasted   ...
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  • Installation of U-glass

    (1) The frame material is fixed in the building opening with expansion bolt or shooting nail, and the frame can be connected with right angle or material angle. There should be at least 3 fixed points on each side of the border. The upper and lower frame materials should have a fixed point every ...
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  • U profile glass architectural design

    U profile glass architectural design

    A. According to the different surface treatment methods of U-shaped glass, there are common embossed glass, colored glass, etc. in the design and selection, in addition to the common embossed glass, the selection of other glass should be noted. B. U-shaped glass is a non combustible material. If ...
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  • The effect of the glass curtain wall of the office building decoration is very good

    The effect of the glass curtain wall of the office building decoration is very good

    Features of U-type glass curtain wall: 1. Light transmittance: As a kind of glass, U-glass also has light transmittance, making the building look light and bright. Moreover, the direct light outside the U-glass becomes diffuse light, which is transparent without projection, and has certain privac...
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  • Characteristics and architectural application of U-shaped glass

    Characteristics and architectural application of U-shaped glass

    U-glass is a new type of building profile glass, and it has only been used for 40 years abroad. The production and application of U-glass in China has been gradually promoted in recent years. U-glass is produced by pressing and extending before forming, and the cross section is in the shape of &#...
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  • Projects show of LABER low iron U profile glass

    Projects show of LABER low iron U profile glass
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  • Second-year membership of U.S. Ice Rink Association

    Second-year membership of the U.S. Ice Rink Association! Welcome contact with us for inquiries of glass for the ice rink system. www.yongyuglass.com; info@yongyuglass.com; TEL:0086-400-089-8280 Google voice: 302-393-5678 ...
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  • Case of smart glass

    Yongyu Glass, an architectural glass supplier from China. We are mainly deal with: 1) U profile glass 2) Smart glass 3) Jumbo glass 4) SGP laminated glass etc.
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