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Safety glass partition wall is made by tempered glass/laminated glass/IGU panel, usually the thickness of the glass can be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm. There are many other kinds of glass usually used as partition, for frosted glass partition, silk screen printing tempered glass partition, gradient glass partition, laminated glass partition, insulated glass partition. Glass partition is most used in office, home and commercial building.10mm clear toughened glass partition is 5 times stronger than 10mm annealed glass partition, it’s a kind of safety glass because when it’s broken, the glass sheet will become small particles with blunt edges. So that it can reduce injury to people.

Type of partition glass:
1. Clear tempered glass partition wall,
2. Frosted toughened glass partition screen
3. Laminated partition glass, for example: tempered lamianted glass, half tempered laminated glass, heat soaked test laminated glass, could be produced by PVB film, SGP sentry film, and EVA film, and so on.
4. Gradient glass partition wall
5. Insulated glass interior glass can be with good function of sound-proof and energy-saving.

Glass type: 10mm clear tempered partition glass
Other name: 10mm clear toughened glass partition wall, 10mm safety glass partition wall, 10mm transparent tempered glass partition, 10mm clear office partition glass wall, 10mm glass partition screen wall, 10mm toughened interior glass wall, etc.
Thickness : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
Size: Oversize, customized size (minimum: 300mm x300mm, maximum size: 3300x10000mm)
Glass processing: polished edge, round corner, drill holes, cut notches, cutout, etc.
Colors available: ultra clear, clear, green, blue, bronze, printed colors, frosted, etc.


Galss Parition Wall Features:
1.High Strength: Compared to 10mm annealed glass partition, 10mm clear toughened glass partition is 5 times stronger.
2.High safety: 10mm clear toughened glass partition can reduces the injury to people because it will become small cubic pieces when it’s broken.
3.Heat Stability: 10mm clear toughened glass partition can withstand a temperature range of 250℃ to 320℃.
4.All processing such as polishing edge, rounding corner, drilling holes, cutout, cutting notches, etc. must be finished before being tempered.


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