iSandblasted U profile glass

Short Description:

Low iron U glass– gets its soft, velvety, milky look from the defined, sandblasted (or acid-etched) processing of the profiled glass's inner (acid-etched processing both sides) surface. Despite its high level of light permeability, this design product elegantly obscures closer views of all persons and objects on the other side of the glass. They are only perceptible in a shadowy, diffuse manner thanks to the opal effect - contours and colors merge into soft, cloudy patches.

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Daylighting: Diffuses light & minimizes glare, provide natural light without the loss of privacy
Great Spans: Glass walls of limitless distances horizontally & heights up to eight meters
Elegance: Glass-to-glass corners & serpentine curves provide soft, even light distribution
Versatility: From facades to interior partitions to lighting
Thermal Performance: U-Value range = 0.49 to 0.19 (minimal heat transfer)
Acoustic Performance: reaches a sound reduction rating of STC 43 (better than 4.5″ batt-insulated stud wall)
Seamless: No vertical metal supports required
Lightweight: 7mm or 8mm thick channel glass is easy to design with and handle
Bird-Friendly: Tested, ABC threat factor 25

What's the advantage of U shaped glass?
1. The U glass material is much more lighter than other material for building construction on weight.
2. It makes the light come into the house fully.
3. It's an kind of energy saving glass. With a good performance of soundproof and heat proof.

Technical Support



The specification of U glass is measured by its width, flange (flange) height, glass thickness, and design length.

Sandblasted & Acid-etched U gl3
Tolerance (mm)
b ±2
d ±0.2
h ±1
Cutting length ±3
Flange perpendicularity tolerance <1
Standard: Acording to EN 527-7


The maximum production length of U glass 

varies with its width and thickness. The maximum length that can be produced for U glass of various standard sizes is like follow sheet shows:


Textures of U glass


Why we are chosen:

we have a series of intelligent devices, including the world's advanced LiSEC intelligent glass deep processing system and eight full-automatic Production line, Laibao oil suction pump, Bentley coated glass washer, Shimadzu molecular pump, etc. Our hot-dip furnace complies with the calibration requirements of BS EN 14179-1: 2016. These not only ensure the safety of workers, but also greatly improve Productivity, improving product quality.

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