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Thermally toughened U glass is specially designed to satisfy increased safety requirements within common areas of public buildings.

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Tempered U glass

Thermally toughened U glass is specially designed to satisfy increased safety requirements within common areas of public buildings. This product variant provides greater mechanical strength compared to its annealed version, allowing the creation of large surfaces that are bright while also meeting all safety requirements. In addition, it allows for longer installation lengths compared to standard anneal U glass products. Heat-soaked thermally toughened glass is available upon request.

Yongyu Glass’ Tempered Safety U Glass complies with GB15763-2005, EN15683-2013 (By TUV Netherland), ANSI Z97.1-2015(By Intertek USA). It makes our Tempered U glass suitable for use in critical locations where safety glass is required.

Yongyu Glass Colour ceramic frit glass is toughened as a matter of course during the enameling process. Toughening is offered for all U-channel glass surface textures in lengths up to 8 meters. The toughened glass can also be sandblasted for a matt finish or painted.

Yongyu Glass Safety U Glass could be heat soak tested to minimize spontaneous breakages risk from nickel sulfide inclusions. It is specifically designed to test u-channel glass and is subject to regular independent inspection and testing.


• Daylighting: Diffuses light & minimizes glare, provide natural light without the loss of privacy

• Great Spans: Glass walls of limitless distances horizontally & heights up to eight meters

• Elegance: Glass-to-glass corners & serpentine curves provide soft, even light distribution

• Versatility: From facades to interior partitions to lighting

• Thermal Performance: U-Value range = 0.49 to 0.19 (minimal heat transfer)

• Acoustic Performance: reaches a sound reduction rating of  STC 43 (better than 4.5″ batt-insulated stud wall)

• Seamless: No vertical metal supports required

• Lightweight: 7mm or 8mm thick channel glass is easy to design with and handle

• Bird-Friendly: Tested, ABC threat factor 25

• 3 to 6 times more resistant to breakage than normal glass

• If the glass does break, there is far less risk of injury from broken pieces

• Energy-saving by effecting the transmission of solar heat and UV

• Sound control by absorbing the sound

• Can withstand 200℃ temperature change

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The specification of U glass is measured by its width, flange (flange) height, glass thickness, and design length.


The width of U glass


The flange height of U glass


The maximum production length of U glass 

varies with its width and thickness. The maximum length that can be produced for U glass of various standard sizes is like follow sheet shows:


Textures of U glass



DY Hot bending curved glass can be applied in Windows, balcony, stairs railing TV cabinets etc.

For safety, you can choose hot-bent laminated glass. Two or more layers of hot curved glass are bonded by pvb film. It has high strength and toughness, strong anti-collision ability, safe and reliable, and high transparency.

Hot-bent laminated glass can use architectural doors, windows and curtain walls, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

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