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U profile glass architectural design

A. According to the different surface treatment methods of U-shaped glass, there are common embossed glass, colored glass, etc. in the design and selection, in addition to the common embossed glass, the selection of other glass should be noted.
B. U-shaped glass is a non combustible material. If there are special requirements, it should be designed according to relevant specifications.
C. U-type glass classification:
In terms of strength, there are two types of U-shaped glass: ordinary type and reinforced type with wire or mesh. The special wire or metal mesh is introduced into the liquid glass before the liquid glass enters the calender, and the glass belt reinforced by wire or mesh is formed after pressing, and then enters the U-shaped glass forming machine to form the reinforced U-shaped glass.
From the surface state, there are two kinds of U-shaped glass: ordinary and patterned. U-shaped glass with ideal pattern can be produced by calendering roller with pattern.
According to color, there are two kinds of U-shaped glass: colorless and colored, and the colored one includes body coloring and coating. There are many kinds of coating colors, such as orange, yellow, golden yellow, sky blue, blue, gem blue, green and Wisteria[ 1]
D. U-shaped glass is non combustible material. If there are special requirements, it shall be designed according to relevant specifications.
E. The orientation test results of the two wings of the U-shaped glass show that the strength of the two wings in the windward side is higher than that in the leeward side.
F. According to the shape and building function, the U-shaped glass adopts the following combination methods:
G. When the length of U-shaped glass partition wall is more than 6000 and the height is more than 4500, the stability of the wall should be checked and corresponding measures should be taken.
H. When U-type glass is used in the room with high humidity and large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the problem of drainage and dripping of dew on the surface of glass should be well handled.
1. When U-shaped glass is used for circular wall and roof, the radius of curvature should not be less than 1500.

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