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The effect of the glass curtain wall of the office building decoration is very good

Features of U-type glass curtain wall:

1. Light transmittance:
As a kind of glass, U-glass also has light transmittance, making the building look light and bright. Moreover, the direct light outside the U-glass becomes diffuse light, which is transparent without projection, and has certain privacy compared with other glass.
2. Energy saving:
The heat transfer coefficient of U-glass is low, especially for double-layer U-glass, whose heat transfer coefficient is only k = 2.39w / m2k, and the heat insulation performance is good. The heat transfer coefficient of ordinary hollow glass is between 3.38 w / m2k-3.115 w / m2k, which has poor thermal insulation performance, which increases the energy consumption in the room.
3. Green and environmental protection:
The U-glass with high light transmittance can meet the needs of work and lighting better during the day, save the lighting cost in the room, and create a humanized environment atmosphere, which will not appear to be repressed. At the same time, U-glass can be processed and reproductive with recycled broken and waste glass, which can be turned into treasure and protected environment.
4. Economy:
The comprehensive cost of U-glass formed by continuous calendering is lower. If the U-glass composite curtain wall is used in the building, a large number of steel or aluminum profiles can be saved, and the cost is reduced, economic and practical.
5. Diversity:
The U-glass products are various, rich in color, with fully transparent glass surface, frosted glass surface, between the full transparency and grinding surface, and tempered U-glass. U-glass is flexible and changeable, can be used horizontally, vertically, and inclined.
6. Convenient construction:
U-shaped glass curtain wall can be used as the main force component in the building, and it can save a lot of keel and other accessories compared with ordinary glass curtain wall. And the relevant aluminum frame system and accessories are ready-made. During construction, only the top and bottom need to be fixed, and the frame connection between glass is not required. The installation is very convenient and the construction period is greatly shortened.

Post time: Apr-26-2021