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Characteristics and architectural application of U-shaped glass

U-glass is a new type of building profile glass, and it has only been used for 40 years abroad. The production and application of U-glass in China has been gradually promoted in recent years. U-glass is produced by pressing and extending before forming, and the cross section is in the shape of “U”, so it is named U-glass.

U-type glass classification:

1. According to color classification: colorless and colored respectively. The colored U-shaped glass is sprayed and coated.
2. According to the classification of glass surface: smooth with and without pattern.
3. According to the glass strength classification: ordinary type, toughened, film, insulation layer, strengthening film, etc.

Installation requirements of building U-shaped glass

1. Fixed profiles: aluminum profiles or other metal profiles shall be fixed on the building with stainless steel bolts or rivets, and the frame material shall be firmly fixed with the wall or building opening, with no less than 2 fixed points per linear meter.

2. Glass into the frame: clean the inner surface of the U-shaped glass, insert it into the frame, cut the buffering plastic part into corresponding length and put it into the fixed frame.

3. When the U-shaped glass is installed to the last three pieces, first put two pieces of glass into the frame, and then seal with the third piece of glass; If the residual width of the hole can not be put into the whole glass, the U-shaped glass can be cut along the length direction to meet the residual width, and the cut glass should be installed first.

4. The gap between the U-shaped glasses should be adjusted according to the temperature when the temperature difference increases;

5. When the horizontal width of U-shaped glass is more than 2m, the horizontal deviation of transverse member can be 3mm; When the height is not more than 5m, the perpendicularity deviation of the frame is allowed to be 5mm; When the height is not more than 6m, the span deflection of the member is allowed to be 8mm;

6. The gap between the frame and the U-shaped glass shall be filled with an elastic pad, and the contact surface between the pad and the glass and the frame shall not be less than 12mm;

Post time: Apr-26-2021