Surpport documents of Samrt glass

Support data of Smart Glass system


1. Technical data of smart glass (Similar to your sizes)

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1.1 Thickness: 13.52mm, 6mm Low iron T/P+1.52+6mm Low iron T/P

1.2 Sizes and structure could be ordered per your design

1.3 All-light transparency  ON: ≥81%  OFF: ≥76%

1.4 Haze <3%

1.5 The smart glass blocks ultraviolet radiation in the atomized state >97%

1.6 The smart glass is made of tempered laminated glass, which has the safety of laminated glass and can block noise -20 dB;

2. The main components of your project system

2.1 Smart glass

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2.2 Controler


Controlor(remote control distance >30m) Waterproof and moisture-proof (with fuse-over-voltage and over-current protection)

2.3 Sealant for installation

In order to ensure good performance of the product and long-term quality of use, neutral environmental protection adhesive must be used during installation to avoid acid adhesive corroding the intermediate adhesive layer, resulting in product degumming and foaming stratification.


Use a special sealant for smart glass to install the seal

3. Main picture and function description of smart glass system

According to the drawings provided by the client, this project is a high-end office partition project. Dimming glass and control system schematic diagram are as follows:

When the product leaves the factory, the factory will clearly mark the wiring terminal according to the red and blue lines, and install it according to the wiring diagram during installation.






Smart glass wiring diagram




Accessories: installation details of smart glass







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