Ultra clear Tempered glass

Ultra clear/ Low Iron Tempered glass is a kind of tempered glass. The transmittance is about 90% and have the advantage of tempered glass: one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential dange

Ultra clear Tempered glassUltra-clear/Low Iron tempered glass

Ultra-clear Glass is made up of clear float glass by reducing its green tint and iron content to achieve optimum clarity and vision. The low iron content enables Ultra-clear glass to possess better optical performance and higher visible light transmittance than ordinary clear glass greatly enhances solar heat transmittance.
Low glass blew rate
color uniformity
High light transmittance, good permeability
Low transmittance of ultraviolet
Max. Size: 130”×334.64”  3300mm×8500mm (Sizes can be customized)


Tempered glass is one kind of safe glass being produced by the heating flat glass to its softening point. Then on its surface forms the compressive stress and suddenly cool down the surface evenly, thus the compressive stress again distributes on the glass surface while the tension stress exists at the center layer of the glass. The tension stress caused by outside pressure is counterbalanced with the strong compressive stress. As a result the safety performance of glass is increased.

Fine performance

Tempered glass’s anti-bent strength, its anti-strike strength, and heat stability are 3 times, 4-6 times and 3 times to ordinary glass respectively. It’s hardly brakes under outside action. When broken, it becomes small granules safer than ordinary glass, no harm to the person. When used as curtain walls its anti-wind coefficient is much higher than the ordinary glass.

Application scope

The tempered glass is mainly used in the glass curtain wall, large display window, bathroom, automatic armrest, balcony windows and doors, glass partition, stadium, the buildings where there is a large crowd and the damage easily happens due to human body’s easy touching.


Facade glass/Curtain Wall
facade glass
      Safety glass fence/partitions
   glass fence, glass railings


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